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5 Comedians Who Love Cannabis and Tell Hilarious Jokes About It

Their humor is more than half baked.

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Comedy and cannabis are a match made in heaven. They’re so good together, you actually have to wonder, which came first? The origins of comedy as performance art are documented well in Ancient Greece, where, like in our modern day, comedy was used for both entertainment and political satire. While there’s a bit of debate on what exactly is the oldest recorded joke, we know the recorded history of cannabis on Earth goes back quite a while further.

Is it reasonable to assume that without cannabis, we wouldn’t have comedians? Perhaps not, because plenty of comics have never consumed. But these guys have, and we’re better off for it. Whether using it as a comedic prop or as the subject of political discourse, you’ll laugh out loud as these five comedians explore the radical connection we have with pot.

Reggie Watts

Reggie describes himself as a “musically inclined comedian who uses humor as a platform for absurdity, and also for expressing a point of view about the world.” Oftentimes, his point of view is influenced by cannabis. He’s even admitted to eating an infused edible before a performance in Denver last year. You’ve probably seen him wax comedic during his appearances on The Late Late Show with James Corden. In this episode, he performs a special ode to 4/20.

Dave Chapelle

Dave co-wrote and starred in the 1998 stoner flick Half Baked—one of the greatest cannabis comedies of all time. He later reunited with the Half Baked crew to make a parody of a marijuana PSA for his popular Chappelle’s Show. You can always expect his stand-up performances to be laced with cannabis references. Just last year, while performing stand-up in Denver, he did more than just talk about it. He went so far as to share a joint with a veteran on stage. Enjoy this classic peek into his comedic genius in this clip about who he prefers to smoke weed with.

Chelsea Handler

Whether Chelsea’s smoking blunts with cannabis influencer Snoop Dogg, getting stoned with Willie Nelson, exercising high, or imbibing on an infused multi-course meal for her Netflix series, she keeps her cool while making us laugh. In the amusing video above, Chelsea suggests one dollar bills be made from dried cannabis flower.

Louis C.K.

Louis has been quite vocal about his love/hate relationship with weed. In junior high, he stole 14 scales from his science class in exchange for some nugs from his dealer, saying it was “the most creative, most satisfying time of my life.” But when he proclaimed “I can’t smoke pot because I’m too old for it” during his Beacon Theatre stand-up routine, plenty of people could relate to his rant about how incredibly potent today’s cannabis is compared to his younger days. In this hilarious video, he shares some valuable advice about when it’s appropriate to consume.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah’s been spotted on the red carpet clutching a vape pen, shared stories with Katie Couric about the time her dog ate pot brownies, and admits to treating herself to a puff or two at the end of a work day. One thing is certain: She’s not shy about her, and her family’s, love of ganja. Watch her talk to Conan about the time she split an edible with her step mother at a bar mitzvah and watched her father take massive hits from a red, white, and blue bong.