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SoCal Dispensary Cashing in on Coachella with Weed-Filled Flower Crowns

The most “basic” way to get high this festival season is finally here.

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For music lovers, hippies, and college kids still living off their parents’ credit cards, ‘festival season’ is a very real, and important time of the year. And after buying tickets for a three-day excursion into debauchery and multi-genre swaying, the most important part of large music festivals (after ,  securing your drugs, of course) is definitely wardrobe - after all, the social media flashbulbs will be firing non-stop.

Thankfully, for those making the annual trek to the SoCal desert for Coachella, Palm Springs Safe Access (PSSA) dispensary has your weed and headwear needs covered, with the cannabis flower crown from Lowell Farms.


who is going to #coachella this year?

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Flower crowns have long been a fashion staple for festival goers still dressing like extras from a “Anne of Green Gables” remake, but with the help of Lowell Farms, it’s also poised to be Coachella’s go-to stoner accessory.

According to SFist, the flower crowns will cost $55 at PSSA, conveniently located only 15 minutes from the festival grounds. The crowns will feature Lowell Farms’ “Coachella Blend” of buds, which includes strains like "Dog Walker," "Single White Girl," and "Chocolate Hashberry."

The crowns are available in limited quantity, and, with quarter ounce of bud making up a considerable portion of the accessory, we’re guessing they’ll sell out pretty quick. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take some of your favorite buds and sew them into your own, homemade crown - just watch out for other festivalgoers potentially stealing the dank out of your hair.

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