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Christopher Guest Brings His New Mockumentary “Mascots” To Netflix

“Mascots Don’t Die, They Just Hang In A Closet”

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Christopher Guest is largely responsible development of the mockumentary film genre. Initially Known for writing the 1984 cult classic “This is Spinal Tap” as well as directing the hilarious “Waiting For Guffman,” “Best In Show,” and “A Mighty Wind,” he is updating his resume to also include his new film “Mascots.”

Starring a good amount of the cast from his previous films (Including Parker Posey, Jane Lynch, and Fred Willard) , this film does not mock the folk music, dog shows or community theater, but this time instead pokes fun at the world of competitive mascotting.

Have a few laughs at the trailer here, Mascots will be available on Netflix on October 16. Get your team spirit prepped by then.


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