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Check out the Worst Reviewed Amazon Products of 2016

Trump and Clinton top the list.

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Now that 2016 has finally ended, product review company Your Best Digs has compiled a list of the best-reviewed products on Amazon in 2016 – and the worst. The absolute winner is a 16Gb SanDisk Memory Card, which racked up more five star reviews than any other product, many of which simply stated that “it does what it's supposed to do.”

Other top reviewed items include tech items like an HDMI cable, a cellphone case, and another SanDisk memory card. Single-serve coffees, coconut oil, and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (the book) all made the list too.

The worst reviewed Amazon product of 2016 is a tiny $98 Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” Christmas ornament, which received almost 3,000 one-star reviews in late November. The reviews weren't really commenting on the product, however, but instead were reviewing Trump himself. The number of negative reviews was later cleaned up, reducing them to around 50. The second-biggest loser is Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine's book “Stronger Together: A Blueprint for America's Future,” which also received negative reviews based solely on political ideology.

The other items topping the worst products list are non-political, and include an Astrostar laser projector lamp that seems not to work, and a book titled “I Wish My Kids Had Cancer,” which unsurprisingly drew many negative comments.

One interesting poorly reviewed product is the Queen James Bible, an edit of the King James Bible with eight verses condemning homosexuality removed. According to the product description, these verses were only added in 1946, and did not exist in previous versions of the Bible. The Queen James Bible, adorned with a rainbow cross on the cover, received hundreds of homophobic comments accusing the authors of “blasphemy,” and a few complaints that the font size was too small to read.

Another item on the list is the Middle-Earth Limited Collector's Edition, a wooden box containing Blu-Ray and DVD copies of all of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series, along with extras. While it certainly seems like a nice item for fans of the Tolkien universe, one glimpse at the price reveals the reason for the bad reviews – it was originally listed for $799. It is now discounted for the “low” price of $499.96.

As one reviewer so eloquently put it, “Frodo f'ing Baggins better pop out of the packaging singing telegram style thanking you for making the purchase.”

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