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Look Inside One of Cannabox’s Monthly Shipments of Weed Paraphernalia, Munchies, and Gear

“Fresh Out the Box” finds out what membership gets you.

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What is weed with no way to smoke it? A good start! But if you want to enjoy your flowers and concentrates, you need the paraphernalia to get you from A to THC. Unfortunately, papers and lighters have a way of disappearing, but thankfully there’s a monthly subscription that will make sure you’re always well stocked and ready to rip.

On the latest episode of Fresh Out the Box, the MERRY JANE original series that explores the hottest GOODS for you, we dig into a Cannabox, a curated, themed monthly shipment of cannabis paraphernalia, munchies, and clothing. Or, as Cannabox puts it, “EPIC boxes of stoned accessories + gear.”

Cannaboxes deliver $40-plus worth of goods to members for less than $20 per month, and include things like Huf cannabis leaf socks, Dime Bags storage pouches, Raw rolling papers, and Ryot taster bats. Our box contained Breaking Bad-themed items, including a Los Pollos Hermanos grinder, Vamonos Pest trucker hat, and glass piece featuring the show’s iconic Periodic Table logo. Watch the episode to see these items and more!

Like knowing about all the coolest products in the cannabis space? Be sure to pay MERRY JANE regular visits for more goodies and episodes of Fresh Out the Box.

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