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Braydon Szafranski Shares His Version of Las Vegas

Watch the 33-year old skate veteran, light joints, fire guns, and skate in Sin City.

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Las Vegas native, ex Baker Skateboards pro, and weed advocate Braydon Szafranski is the newest face of Weedmaps’ skate-centric PR campaign. No stranger to bud worship or ambassadorship (see Vice’s Epicly Later’d and Munchies) the 33 year-old skateboarder is featured in Weedmap’s latest “Born & Raised”.

In the edit, Szafranski gives viewers an up close and personal mini-tour of Sin City desert days and jam-packed nights that include everything from skating the local park or ditch, bustin’ shots at the gun range, and skitching on The Strip.

Apart from the thrills, the clip also covers Braydon’s vision of Vegas. He describes the city as being a literal “paradise on earth” that allows inhabitants to be themselves and do their own thing. He also goes into nostalgic detail about how his first attempt at skateboarding earned him a head injury that required stitches. Thankfully, he earned a second shot courtesy of a thoughtful neighbor that gifted him a deck. The reconnection inspired him to continue and eventually convert the pastime into a full-blown career rich in sponsorship and travel. 

Watch it all go down here

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