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The Best Reactions to the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump

Laugh to keep from crying.

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The world didn’t end on Inauguration Day, but there were anti-Trump protests and turmoil in the streets as Donald Trump officially became the leader of the free world. To cope with Friday’s ceremonies and democracy’s public demise, many of us nervously laughed the pain away before resigning to do everything we can to prevent the new POTUS and his Republican majority from undoing all the progress that we’ve made and making it that much more difficult to achieve the progress we still strive for. Laughter is not only great medicine, it’s also what every other country on the planet is doing at us right now! So, as we join them in “WTF is happening,” we look to the Internet’s great minds to truly satirize this dark, dark day.


For the Trumps and the Obamas, the morning began with tea. (For me, vodka.) During the meeting, social media noticed an incredibly awkward moment when Melania handed Michelle, who strongly denounced the Donald during the campaign, a large box from Tiffany & Co. Michelle’s face was priceless.


Kellyanne Conway’s outfit was the subject of some criticism. Mainly because it looked like some form of Revolutionary War cosplay. Apparently, the Gucci coat was designed to honor London. Whose side is she on anyway?


Barron Trump’s reactions to the affair were oddly relatable: annoyed and exhausted.


Hillary made her first public appearance since Nov. 9.


Of course, all the dignitaries showed up.


But many, many people did not show up. Sad!


To all those who didn’t watch, an excellent burn in your honor.


For others, it was like watching a car crash. You know you shouldn’t look but you somehow just can’t look away.


People also had some critiques regarding the performances at the nation’s funeral inauguration.


While others noted the changing of the guard on Twitter.


Also this perfectly normal man from Chicago, who screamed, “Daddy’s home!”


Meanwhile, at 30,000 feet....


Following his speech, Donald Trump began tweeting again—first from his own account, then on the newly transitioned @potus account.


Our old dad checked in on us….


It also became clear in the hour following Trump’s speech that he plagiarized a speech from Bane.

Are you over 18?


And still….


Bikers for Trump was present, making its “wall of meat” against protesters. When interviewed….


Reactions to Trump’s call for “America First” perked the ears of some history buffs….


This protester, at the parade, FTW….

Are you over 18?