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The Trailer Park Boys Met The Baker Boys for a 4/20 Smoke-Out

Bro down over weed and skateboards with your favorite stoner crews.

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They say life imitates art and art imitates life, so when a new video featuring the crew from Baker Skateboards meeting Canada’s Trailer Park Boys (TPB) released on 4/20, we can honestly say we weren’t sure which version of the popular idiom we were looking at. No matter who imitated who, though, one thing’s for sure - It’s the kind of union that only the green leaf can facilitate.

In the new clip, the Baker Boys (Riley Hawk, Don Nguyen, and friends) wind up tailing the fictional TPB ex-cons in order to deliver some boards dedicated to Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles. During the “impromptu” meet the squad exchanges plenty of jokes, jargon, and of course, ganja. The interaction is as hilarious as it is entertaining, with everything from threats of legal action to bromantic pursuits. In the end, the motley crew winds up making peace and getting into the travel van together, proving that the gang is more akin than apart. Fans can check out the collabo boards and additional assorted merch on the Baker Skateboards online shop.

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