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Antihero's “The Body Corporate” Will Tap Into the Spirit of Rebellion Through Skateboarding

Check out how and why the legendary skateboard company continues to travel, camp, and shred together.

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The skateboard company that travels together stays together. Since it’s inception, skateboard company Antihero has stuck to a formula that just doesn’t disappoint or stray from its core—unfiltered unity through shredding. More than decades in the game, the house that legendary riders Julien Stranger, Jeff Grosso and John Cardiel helped build still puts on a hell of a traveling circus, and their next full-length video aims to showcase that yet again. 

A trailer for “The Body Corporate” hit the web yesterday, announcing a July 25th physical and digital release of Antihero’s newest visual treat. The promotional cut features b-roll footage of the current squad as they push through and across parks, spots and American landscape. The voiceovers of iconic team riders Brian Anderson, Andy Roy, and Jason Jesse also lace the piece with some real sentiment and nostalgia about how skateboarding inspired and changed their outlook on life.

For a company that’s maintained it’s authenticity for so long it’s no surprise that sticking to what works and not trying to reinvent the wheel always keeps them relevant. As “anti” as they may be, the heart and soul of the brand lies in the basic foundation of skateboarding and why riders do it—to live out their personal freedoms.

Considering Trujillo and the squad’s edit from a few days ago, it’s been a pretty sweet week for the eagle and its fans. Much respect!

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