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The Most Hilariously Inaccurate Anti-Weed PSAs

Just say no to the inaccuracies!

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Back in the olden days (a.k.a. the ’70s–’00s), the best way to stop the youths from lighting up was to create a filmed public service announcement for TV. These PSAs made use of deceptive tactics such as ridiculously inaccurate exaggerations, fearmongering, and casting your favorite (washed-up) actors to get you to listen up.

Nowadays, we have medical evidence to help us understand the impact of harder drugs on the body and more research on cannabis’ positive uses. But looking back, these PSAs definitely reinforced the stigma for future generations. On a larger scale, they’re part of the reason many growers and cannabis-related businesses face legitimacy issues with local governments, banks, and community boards today. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and examine some of the most ridiculous and retroactively hilarious anti-drug PSAs. And remember: Just say no to shitty acting and writing.

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