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Animals on Instagram That Look Super High

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In a world of incendiary tweets and fire content articles sure to get your blood boiling about current affairs, animal Instagram accounts are a surefire way to make sure your mellow goes un-harshed. They’re fluffy, they’re cute, and they’re the chillest way to drift off into slumber, scrolling your cares away. And, they’re a hell of a lot more relaxing than reading about misspelled tweets or Trump-branded fascism.

Maybe this is just the ganja talking, but did you ever stop to think that some these animals might actually be high? While they probably aren’t—after all, they’ve got large followings to manage—they sure look it! Their little eyes, sleepy demeanor, and their ability to not give a fuck reminds them of someone: us! So, take a break from watching the world burn, and check out these IG accounts of animals looking high AF.

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