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10 Psychedelic Artists You Should Know

Feed your soul with visionary art!

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Art is everything. From real, surreal to wildly psychedelic, artists influence the world around us. Can you envision an existence without Shepard’s Obama “Hope” portrait, or Banksy’s street art? What’s a world without Invader’s Pac Mans, Dali’s Meditative Rose or Ralph Steadman’s illustrations of Hunter S. Thompson’s hallucinations? I can’t imagine it, nor do I want to. The inspiration artists breathe into our lives is too refreshing to ignore.

Dive into the depths of ten artists currently hot on the scene.

Ricardo Cavolo


A photo posted by ricardocavolo (@ricardocavolo) on


From indie band album covers like Kaytranada’s latest album 99.9% to young refugee artists recently interpreting his work for a mural at the Akre Syrian refugee camp in Kurdistan-Iraq, Cavolo’s art is global...and masterful.

Parrallel Teeth

Robert Wallace aka Parrallel Teeth is an art director, animator and graphic designer originally from New Zealand, working in London. His portfolio is righteous. This video he created for Auckland New Zealand artists Ladi6 latest song Beffy is out of this world.

Braulio Amado


One of the cool things about Amado’s art is his seamless ability to blend genres while maintaining strong references to the greats before him. From magazine covers, posters and party flyers to the latest events in music (think Ace Hotel London, Good Room Brooklyn) to his recent art direction work on Beck’s latest masterpiece WOW, Braulio’s work is lit like a pipe. Peep this poster, splashy like Ralph Steadman in space.


Katie Dutch


A photo posted by Katie Dutch ✂️ (@kitscheart) on


Part performance artist and part wicked collage artist, Sydney Australia’s Katie Dutch creates some of the most inspired self referential work there is today. Whether it’s a third-eye flash-art adorned Frida Khalo, American Gothic Terry Richardson, or Sphinx-like Beyonce, you feel Katie’s persona breaking through the work, somehow. She’s a visual artist that harnesses the power of social media; wrestling picture and video technologies perfectly, curating a truly one-of-a-kind experience through Instagram

Sean Cormac


A photo posted by Sean Cormac (@seancormacnyc) on


Sean Cormac’s graphic designs often combine romanesque, renaissance and cubist influences with post-modern disco psychedelica. Thanks to Cormac, that’s a thing now. He executes design for Detroit techno legend Carl Craig’s Planet E records, also the Sound Warrior label: Jenifa Mayanja & Dakini9's women-only, exclusively-vinyl record imprint.



Derrick Adams


Derrick’s recent show ON, at Red Hook Brooklyn’s Pioneer Works, examined how black figures are portrayed in entertainment and pop culture. His remixes of the familiar (at least to Gen Xers and older) SMPTE rainbow TV test patterns, using patterned cloth materials often cut from dashikis, frame a portrait of mass media consumerism and cultural appropriation through a vividly colorful lens. The installation itself, incredibly relevant and immersive.

Jen Stark


A photo posted by Jen Stark (@jenstark) on


Jen Stark’s popularity skyrocketed after her collaboration with MTV and Miley Cyrus. She takes the retro-psychedelica of the tie-dye 60s into next year. It’s no surprise that her futuristic vision now graces the covers of modern indie dance music. Her SnapChat is a roar filled with trippy art and flirtations with virtual reality. Jen’s the artist finally making “tie-dye” cool.   

Dan Cretu


A photo posted by Dan Cretu (@dan_cretu) on

Blending food sculpture with photography and a healthy dose of cannabis references, Cretu’s art is fresh, fun and speaks for itself. 

Eduardo Kobra

Kobra’s art can been seen in the streets of his native São Paulo Brazil to Williamsburg Brooklyn to Lexington Kentucky and beyond. From a Bob Dylan mural in Bob’s native Minnesota to his recent “Etnias” (“Ethnicities”) mural on “Olympic Boulevard” for the 2016 Rio Olympics celebrating the great native tribes of the planet, the self prescribed “Street artist Soldier” paints psychedelic historical tributes to the people and culture that surround them. Measuring 2,945 sq meters in size, Etnias was recently dubbed “World’s Largest Mural” by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Eugenia Loli

You might spy Eugenia’s collage art hanging in a shower stall or adorning a pillow on your best friend’s couch. Instagram is nearly overrun by her modern takes on the human condition. Check out Toasted. It’s a fun rug for the apartment.