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Ben Gore Scoots Through Part in "Bright Moments"

Check out the clip from Zach Chamberlin’s new video “Bright Moments.”

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On Monday, Transworld premiered a great clip of Zach Chamberlin’s new video “Bright Moments.” It features Magenta pro and new State Footwear rider Ben Gore in an unorthodox edit in which every trick or line involves a scooter (motorized, not of the Razor variety) or a motorcycle. Gore goes over, under, around and even sometimes on them, busting chest high flip tricks and dodging traffic.  

While we’ve been treated to some of Ben’s high speed shredding via his “Just Cruise” part, Ben also has a knack for conceptual parts, as shown in his “SF Nights” part, which was filmed entirely at night in San Francisco this past March.  Even the soundtrack stays true to theme in this one.

In the accompanying interview to the motocentric part, Gore explains that he did not initially set out to film a part based around the two wheeled vehicles, but that after having gotten a certain amount of footage involving them, decided to just focus on that exclusively. Some of the bikes were in their original positions, but he moved some of them in order to get better footage on occasion.

Risky move if you aren’t the owner! Enjoy the singular part here