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5 Ways to Have a "Green" Christmas

Here's how to get into the holiday spirit with your favorite flower.

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Everyone dreams of having a white Christmas, but for those of us who want to incorporate our favorite herb into our winter celebrations, a green Christmas has its own appeal. The word “green” has two implications: it may refer to your favorite method of THC and CBD consumption, but it may also appeal to your environmentally-conscious attitude and lifestyle . With this in mind, we’ve come up with five ways to have a truly green Christmas this year—in every sense of the word.

1. Cannabis-themed gifts

Cannabis-friendly gifts are an easy decision if you want to start your green Christmas on the right foot. Book a trip to Oregon to go on a weed tour, get your best bud a monthly supply of marijuana or look for some gifts like high-quality vaporizers, top of the line grinders and other cannabis goods. Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, no matter what their tastes or price (our $50 and $100 gift guides), can go a long way towards making their Christmas extra special. Plus, you can guarantee that these gifts won’t just be thrown out after the holidays, which means a greener Christmas all around.

2. Herb-themed wrapping paper

For larger presents, don’t miss the opportunity to add some humour to your gift-wrapping with cannabis-themed wrapping paper. Try to wrap your presents nicely and use the proper tape so that whoever is lucky enough to receive your gift can reuse the amazing wrapping paper. If you want to use minimal packaging but still add a personalized touch, cannabis leaf gift tags are probably the simplest and most eco-friendly option. Have some fun with it and remember to always store and reuse wrapping paper when you can.

3. Artificial christmas trees

What’s greener during the holiday season than your family’s Christmas tree? Finding, cutting and transporting a Christmas tree is hard work and isn’t very eco-friendly. As much as we all love the smell of a freshly cut pine tree, it’s much better to simply buy an artificial tree and reuse it for years to come. If you’re really itching for the smell of pine, there are some great scented candles out there that you can buy instead. Pro tip: wait until after Christmas when artificial trees are significantly cheaper to make your purchase. If you're really into the green theme (and it's legal in your state), consider decorating one of your favorite plants.

4. Marijuana ornaments

Your Christmas tree is a symbol of celebration, so why not celebrate your green lifestyle by hanging a few cannabis-themed ornaments on it? You can even get a bright green tree topper to really make an impression. We highly recommend incorporating both traditional and marijuana ornaments on the tree to make it look unique, but still festive. Be sure to get ones that won’t break too easily, that way you can reuse them every year.

5. Christmas edibles

Lastly, the holidays are a time to wind down and relax after yet another hard year. Treat yourself with an array of Christmas-themed edibles; after all, who doesn’t love coming home to the smell of freshly baked cookies and holiday treats? Go ahead and dive into some delicious Cannabis-Infused Pumpkin Pie or whip up a batch of classic brownies or Christmas cookies. If you make enough, they might be a great gift for some of your close friends—just make sure they know exactly what’s in them.

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A green Christmas isn’t hard to achieve. When it comes to the environment, simply purchase goods that are reusable or produce minimal waste. Be thoughtful and try to buy gifts that your friends will actually use. For your cannabis-loving friends, this might mean buying them marijuana accessories or baking your own delicious edibles to gift. This season, celebrate in whatever ways suit you best and you'll be guaranteed to have a wonderful, green Christmas—it is the most wonderful time of the year for a reason.

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