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5 Reasons Why All Stoners Will Need This Keurig-Like Weed Vaporizer

Smoking weed just got that much easier.

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Ladies and gentleman, it’s almost time to put down that cup of Keurig coffee and start your morning off on a higher note with CannaCorp’s new patent-pending vaporizer, the CannaCloud.

Scheduled to be released early next year, the CannaCloud aesthetic and technique both closely resemble the world-famous Keurig machine. The sleek device will work similarly to the popular coffee maker, utilizing single-use pods packed with legally grown marijuana.

Here are five reasons why, when it’s finally released, you’re probably going to need one:

Sativa for Breakfast, Hybrid for Lunch, Indica for Dinner

The company has already confirmed that multiple strains will be made available, including sativa, indica, hybrids, and even CBD-only vaporizer pods. Just like a Keurig, you’ll be able to easily select and switch out pods to find the high you’re searching for.

Sleek and Inconspicuous

Judging from the prototype unveiled recently by CannaCorp, the CannaCloud looks like a product that you probably won’t have to hide from those family members who shudder at the idea of you “smoking dope”. In fact, the legitimate design might even convince mom or dad that marijuana is safer to consume when it resembles their favorite pod of coffee grounds.

A Proportionate High

The CannaCloud will likely allow you to portion your intake in a much more manageable and hands-free fashion. Whether you’re trying to keep it mellow or blast-off, I assume it will be quite easy to gauge which pod/settings will be needed to achieve your desired high.

Easy to Clean

According to the CannaCorp website, the vaporizer device has “a hygienic, one-way valve that is also detachable for easy cleaning”. As someone who has run through his fair share of vaporizers, one of worst parts of the process was trying to clean my G Pen or Volcano, an irksome task that could be done away with once and for all when the CannaCloud is unleashed.

Looks Legit

Not only does the CannaCloud vaporizer look and perform similarly to the sleek Keurig machine, but it also has some of the same minds behind the product as well. CannaKorp's chairman, David Manley, is a former Keurig vice president, and was clearly inspired by the success that Keurig machine has had in the coffee industry. Manley and the CannaCorp team clearly see an opportunity to bring a similarly successful product to the growing marijuana industry.

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