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The 5 Best Places to Move If You’re Fleeing the United States

Or, as it’s likely to be re-branded, Trump-merica.

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Orange Voldemort is just days away from being sworn in. And, if you want to get the hell out of dodge, we don’t blame you—even though we hope you’ll stay and stand in solidarity with those of us who believe in equal rights, democracy, freedom of the press, etc.

Last year, many people took to social media to express their desire to “flee the country” should Donald Trump become president. While several celebrities who threatened the move have since rescinded their offers, like Lena Dunham, many people are still considering taking up the expat life. I personally know someone who signed a lease in the U.S. last year with the stipulation that he could break the lease if Donald Trump won. Trump did win, and this person now lives in the United Kingdom.

The point is, you don’t have to live in the United States if you don’t want to. Here are the best places to flee if you’re considering joining the over eight million Americans living abroad.



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Mountains, glaciers, hockey culture, and 300,000 other Americans await you in the most polite country in the world. Canada’s proximity to the U.S. and relatively cheap cost of living make it probably the most desirable place to drop your bags. Legal weed is on the rise in many cities, so there’s also that. But, be warned that many employers prefer hiring Canadians over expats and rising real estate prices in Vancouver and Toronto could make moving tricky. But, last year, a tiny island called Cape Breton even made a website to entice Americans fleeing during the election, so expats are not entirely unwelcome.



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While Trump’s call with the Taiwanese president was ill-advised, your move to Taiwan is well-advised! According to InterNations, Taiwan ranked highest in the world when rating friendliness to foreigners, work-life balance, and ease of family life. Expat satisfaction, combined with awesome proximity to every Asian vacation destination possible is what makes shacking up in Taipei possible. Don’t get caught smoking in public, though: Cannabis is considered a jailable offense without warning.



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Go ahead, build the wall—we can fly over it! Mexico City was ranked the No. 1 destination by Vogue in 2016 and to date, there are an estimated 2 million expats south of the border. CDMX (Mexico City’s new/old name) is one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan places in the world. But, don’t expect to get hired easily unless you speak Spanish fluently. Medical marijuana is just now undergoing legislation, so it’s a good time to get in on the ground floor. Plus, the devalued peso makes everything incredibly affordable.

New Zealand


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If you wanted to live in a fantasy world after Trump was elected, look no further than the set of The Lord of the Rings movies: New Zealand. The UK’s funky cousin offers outstanding access to scuba diving, hiking, and Southeast Asia-exploring. Work permits are easily obtainable, especially if you’re under the age of 56 and ready to relocate. Plans to legalize marijuana are surefire for 2017, so you’ve also got that going for you. The biggest con: It’s far away from the United States—like, 14-hour flight minimum far away. But all good things are worth the wait!



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According to Eurostat, you’d be joining at least 15,000 other Americans in Stockholm. Ninety percent of Swedes speak English and the cost of living is about the same as living in a smaller U.S. city like Chicago. As a bonus, marijuana laws are relaxed in the cities and considered “street legal.” If you can brave the biting cold, you’d have access to some of the world’s best public education, health care, and transportation systems. And, it’s gorgeous.