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2 Chainz Calls Out Trump in His '100 Joints' Video

Get a glimpse into the life of a Muslim family in America.

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Recently, 2 Chainz partnered up with Lil Wayne to release the collaborative project Collegrove. On a few of the tracks, the two rappers go back and forth, flexing their lyrical prowess.

However, each of the rappers took moments to address current issues, with 2 Chainz using his platform to address anti-Muslim statements made by Donald Trump in the music video for “100 Joints.”

The video begins with two statements made by Republican and potential presidential candidate Donald Trump, speaking on how Muslims hate Americans, and that Muslims are dangerous until America takes time to understand the threat they pose.

From that point forward in the video, we get a glimpse into the life of a Muslim family in America, with a closing statement at the end of the video which says “Muslim Americans live their day to day life just like all other Americans. They are not all terrorists that hate America.” Watch the video below.

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