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10 Strain and Netflix Show Pairings for a Perfectly Curated Weekend

Let us help you achieve true 'Netflix and chill.'

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Netflix and cannabis go together like fine wine and cheese. Great combinations make each individual component shine so we've gone ahead to make the best pairing of them all (Netflix and Chill) the best that they can possibly be. We've crafted pairings of flavorful strains to enhance your favorite Netflix original shows.  

Get creative watching Chef’s Table or box with Matt Murdock in Daredevil, whatever mood you’re in, there’s a show and a strain for you.

Chef’s Table:

Bubblegum. Get inspired to try cooking something new when you pair Bubblegum with Netflix’s in-depth culinary documentary series that profiles some of the world’s best and most innovative chefs. Sweet and flowery, this Sativa will have you feeling energized and creative all night to inspire you in your own kitchen for some munchie magic. 

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp:

OG Kush. The cult classic film Wet Hot American Summer finally gets the franchise treatment it deserves with this Netflix-only prequel series. Filmed 14 years after the original movie, but starring the same actors who played the adolescent counselors the first time, this series is an exercise in absurdist comedy right from the get-go. Relax into the wacky world of this entirely improbable summer camp with some OG Kush, and you’ll be rewarded with a unique and unforgettable experience.

House of Cards:

Jack Herer. Netflix’s original political drama House of Cards is a high-stakes investigation into the political machinations usually kept behind the curtain in our nation’s capital. Try this classic Sativa for a focused, energized high that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to unravel the plans within plans of master strategist Frank Underwood, played to perfection by Kevin Spacey.


Strawberry Cough. Marvel’s Daredevil comes to Netflix full of propulsive action, brutal fights, and a tight focus on the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. Matt Murdock, lawyer by day and vigilante by night, is a one-man anti-corruption taskforce, intent on fighting for the sanctity of his home. Keep up with the tireless Murdock with Strawberry Cough, which will keep you energized and moving as long as Daredevil is.

Orange is the New Black:

Blueberry Haze. Blueberry Haze is a great choice for when you’ve got the whole crew over to binge on the new season of this wildly popular show. Happy, energized, and talkative, you might not catch every nuance of Netflix’s hilarious and progressive women’s prison ensemble comedy, but you’ll have a blast doing it with your friends.

Hemlock Grove:

Girl Scout Cookies. To be straightforward, this is not a good show. If you’re watching this corny and poorly acted teenage supernatural drama, it’s probably because you smoked some GSC and didn’t notice when Netflix started playing it automatically. But, if you've already begun, there's no turning back now. Just go with it.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

Trainwreck. Kimmy Schmidt was kept underground for 15 years as part of a religious cult, but now that she’s free she’s determined to rejoin the world with a relentlessly upbeat attitude. Keep up with Kimmy with a little Trainwreck, whose euphoric and giddy high will have you laughing right along with her as she navigates through series creator Tina Fey’s New York City.

Sense 8:

Alaskan Thunderfuck. Powerful and thought-provoking, this powerful strain is the perfect compliment to the reality-bending sci-fi show from the Wachowski siblings. With AT’s help, follow the interconnected stories of eight individuals around the globe as they use their unique powers of communication to fight the man hunting them down.

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BoJack Horseman:

Pineapple Express. You’re going to need something very, very uplifting to smoke while you watch this darkly comic animated show. Pineapple Express’s sweet taste and jubilant high will balance out has-been actor BoJack Horseman’s cynical, defeatist attitude about his career and life itself. This Netflix original follows a cartoon horse and his woeful not-so-adventerous adventures.


Granddaddy Purple. You’re already watching a show dramatising the saga of Pablo Escobar and the Colombian drug trade, so you may as well smoke one of the heaviest couch-lock strains out there. Buena suerte, amigo. Enjoy!

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