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Comedic Duo Host Livestream of Their Car Getting a Parking Ticket

13,000 people (some of whom must have been stoned) tuned in to watch the antics.

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Coming fresh off of their Pound House stand-up tour, comedians Doug Lussenhop and Brent Weinbach have hit the streets of Los Angeles with a prank that will cost them a pretty penny.

Earlier this week, the comedic duo had illegally parked a car on 1236 South Orange Drive, and then went on to live-stream their 38 minute wait to get a parking ticket. Broadcasted by comedy video website Super Deluxe on their Facebook page, about 13,000 people had tuned in at some point to watch the melodramatic parking dilemma unfold.

About 27 minutes into the broadcast, a parking enforcement officer approached and gave a look of pity to the two comedians, who sat idly and refused to move their vehicle out of the current street cleaning zone, and then ticketed them with a fine of $73.

The comedians look at their act of defiance as both a social demonstration and performance art, making a statement about how we take street cleaning programs for granted, and also just trying to see how many people would actually sit and watch a stream of them receiving a parking ticket.

This begs the question, for me at least, how many people were toking up while watching these two comedians standby and aimlessly wait for a parking ticket? In fact, Super Deluxe asked their livestream audience in the Facebook comment section, “Who is high for this?” My guess is quite a few viewers…

Super Deluxe will be doing a couple of livestreams a week, the next of which will feature a trivia game show where participants are electrically shocked if they answer questions incorrectly. So if you’re looking to roll up and wind down with some laughter, keep an eye out for more strange comedic experiments from Lussenhop and Weinbach. Or, if you’re looking for a chuckle right now, you can rewatch the stream of their parking ticket skit on the Super Deluxe Facebook page.

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