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Colorado Welcomes CannaCamp

Relax in luxury with cannabis activities at this new Colorado destination.

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A year and a half ago, Colorado made history as it opened the doors of the nation’s very first legalized cannabis stores to the public. This month, the state continues to expand on the growing cannabis culture by welcoming the United States’ first all-inclusive ranch resort designed and structured specifically towards marijuana users.

Durango, Colorado’s forthcoming CannaCamp is now accepting reservations and preparing to receive its first visitors on July 1st. Guests will be able to indulge in a variety of activities of two categories: outdoor activities, like fishing, hiking, mountain biking and zip lining, and ‘cannabis activities.’ The latter category are interactive activities with a cannabis-influenced angle like yoga, ‘Cannabis & Canvas’ art classes, massages, cooking classes, and even cannabis education courses.

The only thing CannaCamp will not provide to its guests is marijuana itself, due to state law restrictions. However, visitors can call upon CannaCamp’s concierge to find dispensaries nearby and are encouraged to bring their own.

Rates for CannaCamp start at $395 per night per individual with options for one, two, and three bedroom cabins.

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