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Smoke Your Greens: How Weed Dealers Duped Customers Into Buying Broccoli

Even in Colorado, you should always double-check your bud.

The only thing worse than bad weed is fake weed. Can you imagine paying $10,000 for some sticky icky and discovering that what you actually got was broccoli? Be thankful that you’re just thinking about it, because last year in Colorado two drug dealers pulled this exact scam on buyers looking to pick up some kush; leading to a revenge plot, violence, arrests, and prison sentences. And you thought broccoli was good for you!

Join MERRY JANE News correspondent Brooke Burgstahler as she revisits the dastardly dope dupe, talks to the district attorney who prosecuted the case, and shows how prohibition in one state can cause problems in nearby legal states. You see, federal government, it’s high time to finally make weed legal across the land. And if you, as a consumer, learn nothing else from this report, let this be a lesson that you should always double-check your purchases and never confuse your healthy greens for your healthy green.

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