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College Student Runs Pot Shop “The Bakery” From Apartment

Student is charged days before graduation.

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An affidavit obtained by The News Journal shows that officers charged 22-year-old University of Delaware student Dylan Nunn with making and selling marijuana-infused foods out of his apartment that was dubbed “The Bakery”. Nunn had been making edibles with a Magical Butter machine by infusing the THC oil it produces with coconut oil.

The officers performed the raid after Nunn was caught trespassing with another person in a private area where officers found a backpack in his possession that carried 15 individually packaged gel-like substances shaped like rabbits. After being obtained Nunn had mentioned to the police that he sold edibles with THC for $10 to $15 per package and that they were being shipped to him from Colorado.

After being released officers obtained a warrant to search his apartment a few weeks later and found 62 doses of LSD and 3,522 grams of raw and edible marijuana along with drug paraphernalia and $466 in drug money. A sign with the name “The Bakery” was found and Nunn was arrested on site waiving his Miranda rights at the scene and again at the Newark Police headquarters.

“Nunn admitted to using Snapchat to communicate with customers that he had new product for sale," the affidavit said. "Nunn told me that his phone probably contained drug transaction information.”

Nunn was studying hotel and restaurant management with an entrepreneurial minor and was only days away from graduation at University of Delaware. Nunn was released shortly after posting $50,000 secured bond but who knows if he’ll still attend graduation this coming weekend.

Via Delaware Online

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