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Carlos Ribeiro Definitely Knows How to Skate the Ledge

Watch the Brazilian skateboarder rip to Eric B. and Rakim’s classic in his new “Juice” part.

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Once again, the incredible Brazilian caliber of skateboarding captures the industry by technical storm. But this time the last name isn’t Lemos or Oliveira—it’s Ribeiro.

The Port Alegre-born rider just dropped his “Juice” part via Thrasher and it’s got folks paying attention like it’s the rent. Carlos’ style is as versatile as it is explosive, showcasing his ability to slide across rails as amazingly as how he flips in and out of some very exceptional ledges.

There’s also some historical context for the musically inclined skate heads out there. The part’s “Juice” title actually derives from the 1992 film Juice, featuring iconic roles by Omar Epps and the late Tupac Shakur. The movie’s soundtrack features Eric B. and Rakim’s “Know The Ledge” breakout track. Fast-forward to 2017 and it’s Ribeiro slashing and burning across bi-coastal spots and drops to this very song.

Watch “Juice” here, and try to figure out if he’s regular or goofy. It’s harder than you may think. 

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