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VR Offers North Carolina Residents a Glimpse at What Cannabis Legalization Would Look Like

The Cannabis Virtual Reality Network allows users step into a dispensary from anywhere in the world.

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Cannabis is about to take the virtual reality plunge, and it’s not just so stoners can enhance their high. The Cannabis Virtual Reality Network, or CVRN, was created by Marine Corps vet Matt Dula with the purpose of giving North Carolina residents a peek into what their future could look like with cannabis legalized in their state.  

According to local WWAY News, Dula came up with the concept after leaving the military with a diagnosis of PTSD, and realizing that a life of prescription pill dependence was not the wisest move. He soon discovered that cannabis helped alleviate his symptoms, and began working his way into the industry.

But being based in Wilmington, North Carolina, Dula doesn’t have access to recreational or even comprehensive medical marijuana. Dula currently runs the Port City Dispensary, his first foray into the industry, selling industrial hemp CBD products online in subscription boxes. But his newest product doesn’t contain CBD or THC; it is instead a virtual look at what cannabis could do for the state.

“I can place you now into things that are currently off limits,” Dula said.

The CVRN would allow users to get a look into a fully stocked dispensary, where they can talk to a budtender and see the variety of products and regulations put in place in states with legal cannabis. Dula’s network will also include educational materials, musical performances and political segments on legalization.  You can check out CVRN’s first video below and tour a local North Carolina CBD shop.

Following the success of the state’s industrial hemp pilot program, Dula believes that North Carolina is primed to be a haven for cannabis. And, like most advocates, Dula is excited for the prospect of job creation, tax revenue and increased tourism that comes with legalization.

“There are a lot of reasons North Carolina is and should be looked as one of the biggest cannabis powerhouses in our nation,” Dula said.

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