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Relief, Not Addiction: Cannabis Products to Replace the Most Abused Prescription Drugs

Whether you need to get a paper done, calm down before bed, or ease chronic pain associated with an illness or injury, these canna-products are markedly safer and just as effective as Rx medication.

This week marks one month since Trump promised to declare the opioid epidemic a national emergency. While he managed to make countless other declarations in the timeframe, the majority of which were hateful and unfounded, he remained mum when it came time to condemn his big pharma friends. Actively protecting those who became rich off inundating vulnerable communities with heroin in the shape of a pill, some of whom even told patients oxycontin wasn't addictive, Trump gallivants around the world humiliating us. Meanwhile, communities in Ohio have been ravaged by overdoses to the point morgues are parking air-conditioned trailers outside to make room for all the bodies piling up.

Something must be done. According to a new report, "the use of opioids has become a key factor in why 'prime age' workers, mostly men, are unable or willing to find work." While opiates pose the greatest threat, stimulants and benzos have rocked the younger generations as well, adding a difficult twist to early adulthood that includes kicking a lifelong speed habit.

Cannabis is one of our only options in replacing prescriptions with dangerously addictive qualities. It also happens to be a very effective option. The explosion in variety of cannabis products, brought by weed's newfound legality, offers an array of replacements to these pills, whether you need to get a paper done, calm down before bed, or ease chronic pain associated with an illness or injury. Here are some cannabis products capable (in most cases) of replacing four highly addictive and widely abused prescription medications.

Prescription: Xanax
Replacement: WanaCaps

Many times, people shy away from using cannabis to cope with anxiety because of the tendency to accidentally over-medicate, which can be scary and spark anxiety rather than quell it. However, Xanax, a benzodiazepine, is extremely addictive and known for sending users into manic or depressive states when abused. Withdrawal can be extremely dangerous, too, with patients experiencing seizures and other serious medical ramifications.

Instead of popping a pill with a reputation for causing blackouts, try using WanaCaps. Available in High THC, THC/CBD, or High CBD, WanaCapsXR are the first cannabis capsules with a time-release component, offering a reliable administration of cannabinoids for up to 12 hours. Each capsule packs 10mg of THC or CBD, a light dose, especially when stretched over the course of a day. Simple and discreet, it won't make the patient feel hazy or out of control, with its low dose of THC allowing the user to float through the stresses of the day with ease.

For more on WanaCaps, visit the company's website here

Prescription: Opioids
Replacement: Korova Black Bar Brownie (1000mg)

Undoubtedly the most dangerous addiction crisis facing the country, the opioid epidemic must be stopped. Whether the result of a work-related injury, common in the blue collar communities of Appalachia and the Rust Belt who've been especially affected, or injuries sustained in combat, as veterans experience, edible and topical cannabis can do the same work as these death pills just as well — if not better.

Korova's Black Bar Brownie boasts 1000mg of THC in a single, normal-sized brownie. While this dosage may sound insane, extremely high doses of THC are necessary to combat acute pain. If you're dealing with a serious injury or illness, eat at will until symptoms subside. Otherwise, dose it out carefully and accordingly (into ten 100mg servings, or twenty 50mg) and be careful not to over medicate.

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For more on their various cannabis products, visit Korova's website here

Prescription: Adderall
Replacement: ZootBlast

Though not as visible as the opioid epidemic, Adderall and other amphetamines poses (and has posed for several decades) a huge threat to our nation's youth. Many who began taking these pills for ADHD as small children are now fully dependent and unable to stop, adding the taxing hurdle of kicking a speed habit to the terrain of adulthood, which is already difficult to navigate.

While it's hard to replicate the lasting laser-focus offered by amphetamines in cannabis form, ZootBlast utilizes a "THC Cypress Extract" to offer a clean, energized high that lasts for hours. Yerba mate and guarana offer a caffeine kick (140mg, about the same as two shots of espresso), while 30mg THC keeps you mellow. If you need to pull an all-nighter and don't want to feel like a maniac the next day, try subbing out your action seeds with this effective and non-addictive energy shot. Your body will thank you later.

For more on ZootBlast, visit the company's website here

Prescription: Codeine or "Lean"
Replacement: Cannavis Syrup

Due to its popularity in the hip-hop canon, codeine has become the prescription du jour — both largely misunderstood and extremely dangerous. Famous sizzurp sipper Lil Wayne canceled a Vegas gig just last week due to seizures under the suspicious of a lean overdose.

Thankfully, Cannavis Syrup can keep you looking cool with purple drank in a double cup, but without the threat of seizures and death (which is always nice). The all-natural THC and CBD-infused syrup is available in ten flavors, though the grape is most popular probably due to its color matching real lean. Sugar free, gluten free, vegan and lab tested, Cannavis offers the same warm fuzzy feeling of everyone's favorite cough syrup, but free of the terrifying risks rappers either don't know or don't care about. In this case, it's best to fake it til you make it.

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For more on Cannavis Syrup, visit the company's website here

If you are struggling with drug dependency and are looking for help, contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

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