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Cannabis Falls Out of the Sky and Into a Family Home

A blessing or a curse?

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As amazing as it might sound to have cannabis literally drop from out of the sky into your house, the actual bizarre occurrence shook one family up quite a bit. In Nogales, Arizona, the Donnellys were surprised to find a large package wrapped in plastic that left a hole in their carport after it fell out of nowhere, which eventually was discovered to be about 26 pounds of marijuana. 

Nogales is quite close to the US-Mexico border, and reportedly Maya Donnelly (who discovered the accidental delivery) was already suspicious that the package was drug related before opening it. Authorities estimated the bundle to be worth about $10,000 and assumed it was an accidental slip from a drug smuggling plane. 

No one was injured by the package falling in their residence, though the Donnellys have reported that it left $500 in damages and also destroyed their dog's house. Thankfully, the Donnellys seem to have adopted a pretty jovial outlook on the entire incident, even going on to joke that they probably should have kept the package and made a few home repairs with the money. 

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