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Cannabis as an Aphrodisiac: Setting the Mood and Lighting the Spark

The excitement you need could be just a sesh away.

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The biggest misconception people have about cannabis right now is that it is a very regimented medicine. That it helps some very specific people with some very specific problems. It helps with anxiety and sleeplessness and other similar ailments. But people could not be more wrong and limited in their scope of this plant. Would one ever assume that marijuana could be used as an aphrodisiac to help arouse and incite passion? Perhaps not, but that just shows you how inaccurately and narrow minded the world still is in its views on this miraculous plant. Not only can marijuana be used as an aphrodisiac, but when paired up with the right elements, cannabis can greatly enhance a night of love making in almost every way.

Set The Mood

One must remember, cannabis can help set the tone of an evening. From silly to excited to quiet and romantic, people forget that with cannabis, you are the DJ. You control the mood. So using some marijuana with a loved one to help lower inhibitions is not the least bit strange. It is actually a very healthy way for two people to become even more comfortable with each other. The cannabis acts as a sort of spiritual guide in a sense, connecting the two of you on a level much deeper than you would otherwise. This is not an example of two people wanting to get lit and tear each other apart. This is two people using cannabis to help lower their inhibitions, so they can truly lose themselves in each other.


When faced when the opportunity for which strain you think would most enhance sexuality, you should go with an Indica strain. A Sativa is more high energy, which can be fun, but save that for when you go hiking or to see the newest Mad Max. The Indica will put you both in a place where you feel safe and aroused, but will also feel relaxed and laid back, which furthers that sense of safety and connection with the other person.

It's All About the Connection

Remember, when two people are intimate, it is all about the connection between them. An Indica strain shared between two people in the right environment (think candles lit, soft, ambient music playing) can work as the flint that relights that spark that was always there (yet we sometimes lose sight of in this busy life). And if the pace of life and how frantic it is has caused you to erect a wall, the cannabis will work as a sort of construction man, taking those bricks down, one by one, for your lover. The cannabis will provide you both the ability to lose yourself in one another again without fear or insecurity or the stress of life kicking in. And let us not forget the best part...

Way Better and Safer Than Alcohol

Some people will use booze to achieve what we just mentioned. Would you like to know some differences in outcome? No hangover. No regrets. No blackouts so the entirety of the night and the passion is fully recalled by both parties. No haze or achy bones or bathroom runs. Just waking up, looking over at your lover, and both of you feeling like yourselves again. Only this time, with the spark reignited (pun intended).

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Are you over 18?