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Canna-Products to Tame (and Bolster) the Spirit of Scorpios

In honor of November, the month of the volatile and ever-elusive Scorpio, here are some canna-products that tailor to four defining traits of those who bear the sign — the good and the bad.

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November is here, and with it the month of the Scorpio. A specifically intense bunch comprised primarily of my ex-boyfriends, their element is water, but everything about them is set ablaze.

Scorpios are, above all else, passionate. This dominating trait trickles into all aspects of their personality, informing positive traits such as bravery and loyalty, as well as negatives like jealousy and a tendency towards violence. Ruled by Pluto and Mars, Scorpio-born folks tend to be great leaders, valuing people who tell the truth over passive followers. Also, and I say this from experience, they enjoy being right.

Scorpios are inquisitive to a fault. While appearing calm, they are fierce and mysterious. Wary of dishonesty of any kind, they can become paranoid easily, grow jealous, and lack the ability to adapt easily to the behaviors of others that may unintentionally rub them the wrong way.

According to the overarching wisdom of "Scorpio-born are passionate and assertive people. They are determined and decisive, and will research until they find out the truth. Scorpio is a great leader, always aware of the situation and also features prominently in resourcefulness. It is a water sign and lives to experience and express emotions. Although emotions are very important for Scorpio, they manifest them differently than other water signs. In any case, you can be sure that the Scorpio will keep your secrets, whatever they may be."

In honor of the volatile and ever-elusive scorpion, here are some canna-products that tailor to four defining traits of Scorpios, the good and the bad.

Brave: Guild Extracts Crystalline

The Scorpio's bravery is one of their most attractive qualities, as is their willingness to take risks and the confidence in themselves that allows them to lead others. To give some pop culture context, if Scorpios were sorted in the magical world of Harry Potter, they would most definitely be sorted as Gryffindors.

So Scorpios, whether you want to be brave and try this extract, or keep a clear head to embark on a dangerous or otherwise-scary mission, Guild Extracts THCa Crystalline is a perfect companion. While it looks like, well, many other drugs, this compound is the purest isolate on the market, testing at 99-100%. The interesting thing about THCa is, when it's vaped, it turns to THC and gets you high (in this case, super high), while when it is ingested orally, it remains non-psychoactive, delivering anxiety and pain relieving effects similar to CBD. If you're fighting a bear, eat it. If you're seeing how high one can possibly get from the safety of your bed, vape it.

For more on Guild Extracts visit their website here

Passionate: Apothecanna Sexy Time Oil

The Scorpio is known for possessing strong sexual powers, a defining characteristic of those who bear the sign. While it's not shocking that people described by words like "fiery" and "intense" would be good in bed, it goes beyond that, as their deep understanding of emotion lends a hand in the sexual arena, as well. While Scorpios need little assistance in this department, this supernal oil won't hurt.

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Apothecanna is my favorite topical/CBD skincare brand on the market right now, with a line that is exquisite in every way. Their Sexy Time Oil is no exception. This sensual and arousing intimacy oil utilizes jasmin (aphrodisiac, soothing), coconut (sensual, enriching), argan (blood-flow stimulating), and cannabis (analgesic, relaxing, anti-inflammatory) to deliver the perfect topical love potion. Massage on various erogenous body parts 15 minutes before intimacy, and set the world on fire.

Visit Apothecanna's website for more of the company's amazing products

Secretive: Care by Design 2:1 Sublingual Spray

The secretive tendencies of the Scorpio can work for and against them, as well as the people they maintain relationships with. On the one hand, your secret is always safe with a Scorpio. On the other hand, you might not always know what's actually going on with them. And god forbid you betray their trust, revealing information that they confided in you. Trust me, you will regret it.

This 2:1 Sublingual Spray by Care by Design is good for Scorpios on number of different levels: the effects are immediate, potent, anxiety-relieving, and, above all else, it's completely discrete. Available in 5ml and 15ml bottles (30 or 90 spray doses), the simple blend of cannabis and coconut oil comes in at ratio of 2:1 CBD to THC, getting one lightly stoned as it quells intangible forms of malaise.

Visit Care By Design's website for more of their products

Jealous: Whitewater Gentle Green Tea

In my opinion, the most negative facet of the complex opal (their lucky stone!) that is the Scorpio is their jealousy. Jealousy is a complex and destructive emotion, capable of obliterating every relationship in its path, something Scorpios fall victim to time and time again.

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To combat jealousy in Scorpios, have them try Whitewater's Gentle Green Tea. With the perfect blend of energy-lifting caffeine and anxiety-suppressing THC, use it return your body to homeostasis. Whitewater infused organic green tea from the Darjeeling region of India with 10mg THC, and the final product is water-soluble and void of any skunky weed flavor. Administer to an upset Scorpio at first signs of a bug out, and watch as they turn back into that brave, sexy human you fell in love with in the first place.

For more on Whitewater's Gentle Green Tea, visit the company's website here

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