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Can Cannabis Help You Last?

Your best bud might not be the best companion in the bedroom.

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As many of you know from personal experience, lighting up a joint before bed can often lead to things heating up in the bedroom. However, your favorite bud might not actually be your best bud when it comes to helping you perform. Some evidence suggests that cannabis can do wonders for your sex life, but is this all just smoke and mirrors?

What Can Cannabis Do For Me?

As with many of the effects of cannabis, your experience is uniquely personal. Not everyone who uses marijuana becomes wildly passionate; many people don't want any sexual contact while under the influence and would rather find themselves absorbed in a book or hobby. Everyone's chemical make-up is unique and these differences impact the drug's effects on the user.

While a lot is left up to chance and circumstance, the effects can be somewhat controlled by paying attention to the strains you're indulging in. Cannabis can be divided into two categories (if you didn't already know): cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. The latter is best if you're spending the evening watching a romantic movie or cuddling in a hot tub. Cannabis sativa, however, can perk you up with feelings of euphoria and (sometimes) sexual desire.

Lasting Longer In Bed Isn't That Easy

If you were hoping that this article would prove to your wife that smoking more green could increase your potency between the sheets, we're sorry to disappoint. According to a study completed by the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society there is a correlation between cannabis use amongst men and orgasming quickly. At the same time, studies by the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology state that cannabis suppresses libido. Not great news if you want to last longer.

So where did the idea that weed makes you last come from? Studies conducted at the University of California on the effects of marijuana in the bedroom discovered that our perception of time after smoking may be skewed. The American Society for Clinical Investigation found that there may be a link between a cerebellum under the influence of cannabis and the distortion of time perception. Basically, the study suggests that cannabis can slow down your internal clock, making any experience feel longer, including sex.

Considering how different these results are, conclusions about the effects of marijuana on sexual performance have been widely contested by the marijuana community.

Cannabis is an exciting and adventurous partner in the bedroom for couples who want to lower their guards and increase pleasure. Sex can be enjoyable, enlightening and spiritual and, much like with cannabis, the best way to have a good time is finding the right partner to experiment with.

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