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Routine California Traffic Stop Leads to 300 Pounds of Weed and a Million Dollars in Cash

Authorities pulled over a driver for talking on the phone, but ended up in a storage container containing 100 pounds of weed and a suitcase full of cash.

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A routine traffic stop in California’s Bay Area turned completely irregular yesterday, when California Highway Police officers chased down two vehicles and discovered 300 lbs of cannabis and over a million dollars cash. 

According to SFGate, it all began when CHP attempted to pull over and cite the driver of van who was talking on his phone without a hands-free device. As the van pulled to the side of the road, another car pulled between the officer and the van, giving the van enough space to speed away.

The van and sedan both fled the scene as CHP officers pursued the cars into the East Bay’s Castro Valley, where officers were able to stop the vehicles and figure out why the drivers were so keen on escaping the traffic stop. 

Cops found eight pounds of cannabis in the sedan used to block officers and an extra 200 pounds of sticky-icky in the van CHP originally tried to stop. 

That explains the failed getaway attempt, but that’s not where the story ends - a local narcotics task force then linked the two men to a storage locker in nearby Alameda, where officers uncovered another 100 lbs of cannabis and a suitcase packed with more than $1 million in cash.

Both men were arrested for suspicion of sale and transportation of narcotics. No version of CA’s medical recommendation or recreational use law allows for the possession of 300 pounds of bud and a million bucks in untaxed, rubber-banded hundreds - sorry dudes.

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