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Businesswomen of the Cannabis Industry

Meet the women behind these successful new cannabis ventures.

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The cannabis industry is booming, and if nationwide legalization is passed, the industry could easily become as profitable as America’s beer industry. Although still a growing commerce, the cannabis industry is largely run by men, not unlike the traditional corporate world. However, in anticipation of widespread legalization, many intelligent and impassioned woman have created startups, and are now are leading some of the industry’s most successful businesses.

Jazmin Hupp founded WomenGrow in 2014 with Jane West, creator of Edible Events. WomenGrow is a professional network for owners and entrepreneurs of cannabis businesses to connect. The group holds events all year round, there are approximately 30 chapters nationwide to develop a female presence within the industry and female leadership.

Using their backgrounds in tech, Amy Poinsett and Jessica Billingsley founded their business MJ Freeway and their seed-to-sale software; the software keeps track of every gram sold and dollar exchanged. The two created their seed-to-sale system after discovering there was no computer software available on the market to run a cannabis business. Designed specifically for dispensaries, MJ Freeway has already sold 1,000 licenses and the software is being used in 19 different states.

Juliana Carella is the founder of Auntie Dolores edible products. Edibles are becoming increasingly popular and manufacturers are anticipating a 65% increase in edible sales. Auntie Dolores edibles each contain 10 mg of THC and are available at 150 dispensaries in California. Carella is continuously expanding as the industry blossoms.

These four women have created a unique and profitable space for themselves within an already heavily male-dominated industry. Their businesses have proved to be vital, but most importantly, their success has given other women interested in the business of cannabis a great example to follow.

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