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Black The Ripper Loves Smoking Weed in Public

London rapper lights up joint in supermarket.

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London rapper Black The Ripper enjoys smoking in public so much that he showed his stoner pride by lighting up a joint in an Asda – a popular British supermarket. The so called “Motivated Stoner” posted a video Tuesday on the Dank of England Instagram page sparking a joint and walking around the department store with other customers lingering in the background.

In the post the rapper wrote: "Gettin' high in Asda. #LightUpEverywhere #FreeTheWeed."

The video shows Black The Ripper lighting up and is seen walking past the cash registers leaving clouds of smoke behind. The video garnered more than 3,000 likes and over 500 comments on the Dank of England Instagram page, which sells a wide array of cannabis themed merchandise.

Just two weeks ago Black the Ripper, whose real-name is Ital Samson, sparked some controversy by also lighting up in a London Eye pod. The video also shows the rapper along with his squad hot boxing the pod. The London rapper has been known to heavily smoke in public places which can be seen on his Instagram page.

Asda is a British-founded supermarket retailer that is a subsidiary of American retail corporate giant Walmart. According to an Asda spokesperson: “Asda is a family-friendly retailer and we expect all our customers to abide by the law and recognize the strict no-smoking policy we have in place across our stores.”


@blacktheripper gettin high in #Asda #LightUpEverywhere #FreeTheWeed #DankOfEngland 😤⛽🔥🍁🇬🇧🍁

A video posted by Dank Of England (@dankofengland) on



Getting high on the #LondonEye 😂🎡😤 Hotboxing this bitch @DankOfEngland style!!! #FreeTheWeed #DankOfEngland 4 Life 🍁🇬🇧🍁

A video posted by Ital Samson (@blacktheripper) on

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