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Bernie Backs Hillary, But His Supporters Still Resist

While Bernie Sanders is proud to “stand with her,” some of his supporters are looking to third party candidates.

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Gender equality. Racial equality. Income equality. These are what Bernie Sanders supporters want. They’re not so sure they’ll get that with Hillary Clinton. Outside the Democratic National Convention, protesters of all ages including a nude woman with fake marijuana leaves covering her breasts came to protest against what they feel is a party beholden to special interests and the 1%.

The protests come amid a Democratic National Convention (DNC) that so far has largely adopted the tone and rhetoric of Bernie Sanders’ primary campaign. On the convention’s first night, topics like those abovementioned commanded the attention of those in attendance, many of whom were brought to tears by First Lady Michelle Obama, Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and former Presidential candidate, and Vermont Gov., Bernie Sanders.

Sanders could hardly calm the thunderous applause when he approached the podium. He reveled in the moment, while simultaneously trying to calm the crowd. Then, he embarked on a fiery and passionate speech campaigning against Donald Trump as much as he seemingly campaigned for Mrs. Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton must become the next President of the United States,” he said early in his speech.

Bernie Sanders often evokes the revolution he’s sparked. But, it’s also now his task to parlay that revolution into support for a Clintona politically embedded family seen by much of the nation as part of the problem. Her husband, Bill Clinton, has long received criticism for expanding the prison industrial complex, inhumane immigration policies, and a Business-as-usual approach to the Presidency, including a hawkish foreign policy.

Despite Sanders claiming the party and his campaign have made staggering compromises to introduce the most progressive Democratic Party platform in American history, much of the electorate remains unenthused and skeptical of Mrs. Clinton’s platform.

“At the democratic platform committee, there was a significant coming together by the two campaigns, and we’ve produced by far the most progressive platform in the history of the party,” he said.

Mr. Sanders added: “The democratic party now calls for breaking up the major financial institutions on Wall Street and the passage of the 21st century Glass Steagall Act.”

The protesters, some of whom were skeptical of Clinton’s long history of hobnobbing with Wall Street, mentioned Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate currently polling at approximately 10%, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who currently is polling around 3%.

“They feel like their voice has been usurped,” one protester said, explaining the discontent.

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