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“Amazon Review: The Musical!” Takes a Spooky Look Inside the Bible for Kindle

Go BTS on “What Is Going on Here???” from the hilarious web-series inspired by earnest product reviews.

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In an era of fake news and constant surveillance feeling paranoid is easy. Am I being watched? Well, probably, yes. Weed enthusiasts know that sly mistress Paranoia quite well…. (Don’t tell anyone, but whenever I get too high, I automatically assume everyone in a polo shirt is some kind of cop and I flee the scene.)

Kate Weber as “Mountain Momma.” Image via Lauren Maul

The reviewer in this episode, “Mountain Momma,” had a strange experience with the Amazon website that would make anyone paranoid. In her review for the Bible on the Kindle, she describes this unsettling experience rather than her feelings about the product itself.

Mountain Momma’s Amazon review. Image via Lauren Maul

Every time Mountain Momma clicked on the “Look Inside” button she got “an ad for an e-book for an army correspondence course” and NOT the Bible. What? What even is an army correspondence course, and why would it be inside a Bible? I know the military is religious but...? Part of me wants to click on the “Look Inside” icon just to see what would happen…but the paranoid part of me is not letting the rest of me do that. (Will you try it and get back to me?)

Weber freaking out. Image via Lauren Maul

Mountain Momma is a lovable character with an extensive portfolio of exquisitely honest reviews. If you enjoyed her review of the Bible on the Kindle then you’ll LOVE what she has to say about Jake and Amos Pickled Sweet Watermelon Rind Jars, 16 Ounce (“too mushy”) and CADE: New Orleans Billionaire Wolf Shifters with plus sized BBW mates (the tale of a young plus-sized woman falling in love with a wolf-man millionaire). Yes, both of these things are real products available on Amazon, because we live in a supply-and-demand culture.

Weber, Maul, and crew at work. Image via Jason White

Fun fact: Lady Kate Weber, the star of this episode, is in my coven and is a fellow witch and craft enthusiast. So it’s only fitting that this episode involved lots of crafting. Our fancy split-screen wall is made from wrapping paper purchased from my favorite neighborhood dollar store. The weaponry was made with cardboard and love by the amazing artist A.E. Kieren. And we used our magic powers to turn the wig backwards in order to give it that wholesome mullet-y feel.

The spectacular split screen. Image via Lauren Maul

I hope you enjoy this episode. I feel that it’s best if viewed in bed under the covers, where Big Brother can’t see you. Just kidding! He definitely sees you. :)

The laptop was not harmed in the making of this episode, but it did get a little bit frightened.

We’ve covered old man vs. machine, junk-burning lube, Jason Priestley’s memoir, a less-than-grand piano, and now this. Next week, one man experiments with toilet paper and wonders if it will work in his RV…. Only three episodes left! Are you caught up?

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