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Alec Baldwin Returns to “SNL” to Reprise Role as Donald Trump

The portrayal of the President-Elect clearly ruffled the real Trump’s feathers, who took to Twitter to complain after the skit aired.

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As the reality of a Donald Trump presidency grimly starts to set in across the United States, many liberal minded citizens are struggling to come to terms with the historical election upset. Thus far, we’ve seen the President-Elect fill his transition team with racists and bigots, which has helped to fuel ongoing protests throughout the country

Fortunately, there is one humorous aspect of this growingly terrifying situation, and that is Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. This past weekend, Baldwin reprised his role of the President-Elect in a cold open, his first time doing so since the election ended. But this time around, his Trump character was in a much more somber mood as he begins to realize the grave responsibilities he will now have as Commander-in-Chief.  

During the skit, Trump has a number of visitors brought in by his distressed campaign manager Kellyanne Conway (played by Kate McKinnon), who also seems to be coming to terms with the monster she helped create. Baldwin’s Trump is first visited by an army official, who reminds the President-Elect of his “plan” to defeat ISIS. As soon as the military officer leaves the room, Trump jumps onto Google and even tries to ask Siri what the terrorist organization actually is. 

Stressed out from the responsibility, Trump begins to utter a hilarious mantra under his breath, “big beautiful boobs and buildings, big beautiful boobs and buildings”. In the skit, Trump is also visited by a supporter who reminds him of his duty to bring back jobs, the eerie Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and even a special appearance from Mitt Romney (played by Jason Sudeikis).

Though the skit has received praise from many, Trump himself seems quite peeved by Baldwin’s portrayal of himself. The day after the President-Elect went after the cast of “Hamilton” on Twitter for reciting a message to Pence during their show, Trump took aim at SNL for their “one-sided, biased show”.


Alec Baldwin was quick to respond to Trump’s tweet by stating, “Equal time? Election is over. There is no more equal time.” He also suggested that the future president stop worrying about how SNL portrayed him and instead “improving our reputation abroad, including actually fighting for freedom and not just oil.” As a final remark, Baldwin chided Trump by letting him know he should feel free to reach out to him for more advice on how to properly lead the country.


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