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Action Bronson Returns to the Rap Game With Hilarious “Durag vs Headband” Video

Bronsolino smokes up a storm while Big Body Bes rides a horse in the duo's latest visual collaboration.

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Those of you who have just become acquainted with Action Bronson over the last year or so might know him best as the star of VICELAND shows Fuck, That's Delicious and Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens. But before the jolly blunt smoking giant made his television debut, he was one of the smoothest lyricist in the hip hop game. The Queens-raised rapper has become the ultimate icon for stoners, spending his time on TV smoking blunt after blunt, eating delicious food around the world, and sitting on the couch with his homies while watching and saying the most absurd shit. 

His last studio album, Mr. Wonderful, dropped in March 2015, and since then, Bronson has been seldom heard on the mic. But no need to fear, the New York City-based rapper and his hilarious partner in crime, Big Body Bes have returned with a music video for his latest track “Durag vs Headband”

The visual features Bronson in a Middle Eastern headpiece smoking a blunt with his closest affiliates in the backdrop, including renowned producers Alchemist and Knxwledge (the producer of the track), as well fellow Queens-based Meyhem Lauren. All the while, Big Body Bes is atop a white horse spitting the amusing chorus “when I die, make sure you spread my blood on a BMW”. 

The track features vintage Bronson verses filled with wordplay about food, sex, and weed, and definitely prove that the rapper hasn’t missed a beat while venturing into television. Bronson has hinted at two upcoming releases, a mixtape called Blue Chips 7000 and an album titled Human Highlight Reel, both of which have yet to be given release dates. Bronson has dropped a handful of other tracks over the last couple of months, including “Descendant of the Stars” and “Mr. 2 Face”, so chances are both of these highly anticipated projects are well on their way. 

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