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Gunplay Talks Going Independent, Life After Jail, and Being Born at 4:20

The Florida rapper and reality star joined us for the latest edition of About That Time, our 4:20 live show.

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Our latest episode of About That Time (broadcasting every Tuesday & Thursday at 4:20pm ET on Facebook Live) got up close and personal with one of hip-hop’s most controversial figures, Gunplay. Sponsored by the fine folks at Mezz Brands vapes and THC Design, we sparked things off with a joint of XJ-13 and got philosophical about the music industry and reality TV, before taking a look at Gunplay’s Instagram, where we found photos of life-changing lobster mac & cheese, his firearm-themed infused edible company, and his multifaceted role on music video sets — from rapper and director to location scout and talent manager.

After finishing up our social segment, we took a look at the hottest stories smoking to Roll the News, where we discussed Canada's nationwide cannabis legalization, legislation that would allow public housing residents to enjoy the freedoms of legal weed, and an official New York State report calling for total legal access to the sweet leaf — all brought to you by the bong of the future, Jet Waterpipes. Of course, it wouldn’t be About That Time without astrology, where we sorted through our guest’s Cancer chart, with Gunplay’s 4:20 pm birth time adding some haze to the star’s vision. For more Gunplay, pick up his brand new album, Active, available everywhere music is sold.

Time flies when you’re having fun, but there’s a lot more coming down the pipe. Tune in every Tuesday & Thursday at 4:20pm EDT to MERRY JANE’s Facebook page to catch all the ganja-fied glory, and follow us on Instagram to find out who’s joining our joint sessions. We’ll see you there!

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