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8 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Cannabis Connoisseur

This holiday season, shower your favorite cannabis connoisseur with creative ganja-inspired gifts, using this list as your guide.

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1. Cannabis Flower Gem & Botanical Fragrances by BethKaya - $26.00

Cannabis flower hues produce cozy scents that mingle well with winter. Powdery, round, warm and soft notes blend with an array of savory and sweet scents such as fig, warm vanilla and sandalwood to create an intoxicating skin elixir. Customize the blend, choose a crystal to accompany it and watch the look of glee wash over the recipient’s face when they discover how amazing BethKaya’s scents smell. Grab an extra vial for yourself while you’re at it.

2. High Society Collection’s Roach Clip Necklace - $78.00 

Designer Erin Rose Gardner wants everyone to smoke in luxury with her elegant Art Deco-inspired roach clip necklaces. Sophisticated, discreet and sleek, each clip is brass-plated in 24K gold and handcrafted with a hammer and anvil. Some styles even feature natural onyx. Complete the look with a pair of matching earring clips. If jewelry isn't your thing, take a gander at her stylish, convenient and classy handheld clips.

3. Pax2 Vaporizer - $279.99


All health-conscious cannabis consumers want and need a portable vape. Stylish and powerful, the Pax2 delivers a consistent draw without sacrificing taste (no burnt popcorn flavor here). It’s anodized aluminum surface and LED indicator adds a futuristic vibe to the machine, making it a success in both form and function. Choose black, blue, red or silver, and take advantage of the free shipping.

4. Pot Leaf Socks by Koalacore - $7.99

Keep feet happy with these super cute, one size fits most, pot leaf socks by Koalacore. Proceeds from every sale are donated to a different nonprofit animal rights organization or shelter. One size fits all. This is your stocking stuffer savior!

4. Space Case 4 Piece Grinder MEDIUM - $73.99

The Space Case is the best grinder on the market. It will never dull, can grind anything you throw at it and collects kief using screens at the base. CNC machined from aerospace aluminum and outfitted with magnets to keep flowers grinding smoothly, this silver cannabis accoutrement is quite the looker and never disappoints. Plus, if something should ever happen to it, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

5. Wicked Hippie 420 Munchies Face Jewelz - $25.00

Stuff your favorite person’s stocking with these super fun favors by Wicked Hippies, Katy and Tanner. These creative ladies make festive face jewels for hungry cannabis lovers in mind, including smiley faces, hearts, cupcakes and a sparkly weed leaf. Whether club-hopping, soiree-crashing or festival-raging, everyone will be swooning over these perfect party accessories.

6. Cannador - $99.00 - $219.00

Cannadors are smart gifts for friends with impressive top shelf cannabis collections because they regulate humidity, keeping trichomes moist while locking in the sweet scent of mary jane. Made of 100% sustainably forested solid walnut and cherry wood, these handsome wooden boxes come in different styles, look modern yet classic and dress up every coffee table. It’s a must have for discerning cannabis enthusiasts.

7. Super Cowl Perfect Pockets Long Hemp Dress by Gaia Conceptions $235.00

Every hemptress needs an organic hemp dress by Gaia Conceptions. With it’s princess seam, long length, large hood and perfect pockets, this is a cold weather must-have guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention. All pieces are custom made to order based on each client’s fabric, design, length and color from seed to finished product using organic fabrics and eco friendly dyes. Super comfy and elegant, these stunning frocks are made with love.

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8. POTTED Hats - $23.99

Celebrate cannabis, its origins and rich flavors with POTTED’s 5-panel hats. Pick your pleasure: Bubble Gum, White Widow, Pineapple Express and Purple Haze. If you’re feeling especially festive, match the hats up with a pair of POTTED socks -- the more the merrier!

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