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6 Ways To Smoke & Keep Your Manicure Fresh

Protect that $60 gel manicure with these tips.

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So you just stepped out of “Beautiful Nail” with a fresh gel manicure and you're feeling like a whole new woman. You took what felt like hours, picking out the perfect color and then mulling over the various gradients of that perfect color. Even better than that, the nail tech didn't mess up your set and leave you with a crooked nail. Life is good, you're feeling good, now it's time to light one up to complete your perfect day, to match your perfect nails adorned with the most perfect nail color that you chose with instinctive precision.

The only thing that can fuck up your perfect day is burning your freshly done, $60 set with a lighter when lighting up a j, thereby letting out a loud scream. There are ways to prevent this tragedy from occurring so listen up.

Implement one or a few of these weed hacks into your everyday pot routine. Cheers to keeping a fresh mani, fresh.

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