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5 Ways Weed Can Improve Your Health

Marijuana is medicine. Plain and simple.

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According to the DEA — and those who benefit from the incarceration of citizens in private prisons — cannabis is a dangerous Schedule 1 drug with no medicinal value.

Even with the limited research that has been done on the plant as a result of federal prohibition in the U.S., we know that this is complete and utter nonsense. Cannabis is incomparable to scary drugs like heroin and meth that it’s lumped in with, and, in fact, it’s been shown to actually benefit users in a variety of important ways.

Marijuana is medicine. Plain and simple. The cannabis plant has numerous healing properties and can serve as an incredible tool in soothing a myriad of ailments.

But if you need more proof before making use of this miraculous plant, check out MERRY JANE News correspondent Brooke Burgstahler’s report on five ways that weed can improve your health.

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