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5 Ways to Celebrate National Watermelon Day the MERRY JANE Way

From sweet strains to sour candy edibles, here’s the best watermelon flavored marijuana products out there.

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Despite the fact that it’s comprised of about 90% water, the wondrous watermelon has recently been said by Medical News Today to be dense in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s also known to boost brain power, and supposedly even helps to prevent asthma, high blood pressure, cancer, and a number of other health-related conditions. The flowering plant, which originally comes from South Africa, has become one of the most recognizable fruits in your local produce section, it’s also becoming quite the popular flavor profile in the cannabis scene as well…

In my younger days, Sour Patch Watermelon candies were always my favorite after-school snack, so you can imagine my enthusiasm when I walked into my first Colorado-based dispensary and found these candies infused with high-grade cannabis. Over time, watermelon has gone from a large, water-saturated fruit to a unique and widespread flavor profile, a belovedly sweet taste that is starting to seep into the cannabis industry. In celebration of National Watermelon Day, let’s take a look at the best watermelon-infused marijuana products on the market.

Watermelon Strain

Let’s start the the list off with some flower. The Watermelon strain is an indica strain. This sweet, dense bud is generally packed with high THC content, and has been known to act as a relaxant, sleeping aid, and appetite stimulant. The taste of the strain contains a distinct watermelon flavor, along with undertones of grape and other tropical flavors. The Watermelon buds are usually quite large, and are beloved by growers for its high yield in just 55 to 60 days of flowering time. This strain is ideal for kicking back and relaxing on a hot summer day, and would probably go well with some actual watermelon.

EdiPure Watermelon Tarts

The edible company EdiPure is known for their sweet, fruit-flavored cannabis treats, from Cherry Bombs to Grapefruit Gummies, but to me, nothing stands up the EdiPure Watermelon Tarts. These tarts are the same edibles that resemble the sour watermelon candies that have been a favorite of mine for quite some time now. The soft candies are small and come in bunches, making it easy to control your dosage. They’re sweet, they’re sour, they’re watermelon flavored, and they’re infused with potent cannabis, what more could you possibly ask for?

Dixie One Watermelon Cream

Looking for an edible as light and sweet as an actual watermelon? Then Dixie One Watermelon Cream is the cannabis product for you. The tasty cream is formulated with a low dose of just 10 milligrams per bottle, allowing you to consume away without getting too blazed. The Dixie cream is carbonated to expedite your body’s THC uptake, and is triple lab tested to ensure consistency and high quality.

Cornucopia Watermelon Lozenges

They may not be as enticing as the Watermelon Tarts at first glance, but Cornucopia’s Watermelon Lozenges are another sweet cannabis-infused watermelon-flavored treat. The small diamond shape candies come in packs of 30, and amount to a hefty 150 milligrams, and are composed of cane sugar, watermelon flavoring, and, of course, medical marijuana.

Dixie’s Watermelon Synergy Dew Drops

Looking for a calmer cannabis buzz? Dixie’s Watermelon Synergy Dew Drops are comprised of 50 milligrams of both THC and CBD, giving a users a subtle high that tackles anxiety and inflammatory medical conditions. The liquid tincture is filled with that classic watermelon candy sweetness. Since the Dew Drops are formulated with equal parts THC and CBD, it’s an ideal treat for those looking for a more medically-focused cannabis treat.    

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