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5 Touching Tributes During Trying Times

A collective step towards healing as a nation.

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President Barack Obama offered a pep talk, urging citizens not to lose hope in a squall of violence that began with the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philado Castille at the hands of police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota and culminated with the ambush of five police officer's in Dallas Thursday.

While attending the service for yet another slain officer, the President said their deaths should remind all Americans of their common ideals. The president went on to speak of the thankless work done by police officers around the country, and of the "legitimate grievances",  that many black people currently experience at the hands of law enforcement after decades of discrimination. 

In the wake of the violence and tension, MERRY JANE has curated this list of unifying moments including this touching video Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Pink, Bono, and others explain why it's time to take action to heal the long history of systemic racism in America. #23Ways 

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