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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Cannabis-Loving Significant Other

'Tis the season to be giving the gift of green.

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The holidays are a time to be merry, and nothing harshes your buzz more than stressing over the right gifts to buy. Choosing a holiday gift for your significant other can be hard. You’ve already given them all the normal stuff and you know that the best gift is one that relates to their favorite hobby and that will be used over and over again. Check out MERRY JANE’s innovative list of gifts for your stoner boyfriend or girlfriend. These aren’t your typical gifts and no matter where you live, you’ll be able to find that special gift for your special one.  

1. Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica, the book ($20)

Does your significant other prefer indicas or sativas? Compiled by S. T. Oner and with introductions from well known individuals from the cannabis industry such as Mel Thomas and Greg Green, Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica is a perfect book for your bathroom, bedroom, or bongroom. If you’re too baked to read the words, I highly recommend that you just look at the pictures. You’ve been telling your significant other to get off the computer and read more, right? With six different volumes to choose from, this is the perfect gift to expand your collective knowledge of cannabis.  

2. A dozen 24K gold rolling papers ($55)

Shine is the premier brand selling this marijuana luxury item. The resplendent smoking company also features tattooed and interwoven gold blunt wraps. This extravagant gift is perfect for special occasions and has fittingly been compared to bottle service or a gold foil topped bottle of champagne and is slowly gaining popularity and mainstream acceptance - this holiday could be the season. Shine has reportedly received a 5 million dollar investment from rapper Tyga. Miley Cyrus is another celebrity that has started smoking “Silver and Gold” instead of singing it. If your significant other likes the bling bling, think of this while you’re gifting  

3. A fancy cannabis subscription box ($3 - $350)

Cannabis related subscription boxes are readily available for every budget. MERRY JANE has already reviewed the Potbox, the Pufferbox, and the 420 Goody Box. Unfortunately, many of the boxes that contain actual cannabis products are only available within their originating state. However, cannabis-related boxes filled with smoking knick knacks and accessories are just as useful. Like the cannabis-less PufferBox and 420 Goody Box, the up and coming Dollar High Club is also providing legal smoking-related items without shipping restrictions. In the future, these boxes might not even come in the mail anymore, a new marijuana box company based out of San Francisco called Trees.Delivery is currently working to get approval for drone-delivered cannabis boxes.  

4. A vial of cannabis infused lubricant ($DIY - $88)

A smooth physical relationship is a must to make it through the winter. Cannabis infused lubricant is available from Foria in select states. If you aren’t in a state where you can buy this product, you can create your own by following the MERRY JANE homemade cannalube recipe. As the legal cannabis industry has grown, so has the niche intersection of sex and cannabis. The lube isn’t just for women either, men that have used cannabis lubricant have also reported a better experience. If you’re making it yourself, make sure to use a strain with high CBD content.  

5. A cannabis humidor to keep things fresh ($99 - $219)

This particular brand, the cannador, is a cannabis humidor specially designed for the discerning marijuana enthusiast. Flower nuggets are best kept at under 60% humidity, though each individual will have his or her personal preferences. While some people prefer that dry dense moonrock-style nug, others search exclusively for freshly cured sticky icky. If the two of you have differing wetness preferences, that’s ok. Each individual “cannaster” can be sealed to preserve its current humidity ratio. Stay fresh!

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