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Cannabis-Themed Online Channel “420TV” Set to Debut This Summer

Scripted shows, news reports and documentary series will make up the free network's programming schedule.

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As cannabis culture moves closer to the mainstream, big money businesses continue to hop on the bandwagon and push the boundaries even further. And now, with a formal press release announced on pot’s high holiday last week, the newest addition to marijuana’s media canon - 420TV - is set to debut their online channel before the end of the year.

According to Variety, 420TV is a collaborative venture between OwnZones Media Network, Genesis Media, and former Hollywood talent agent Alex Nahai. The channel will be free to access for audiences, and make its money from sponsors and advertisers.

The network is already developing a number of shows, including “Pot Cast,” a daily news show about the legal weed industry, “Marijuana Moguls,” a documentary series about ganja-preneurs, “Medical Marijuana Miracles,” about successful medicinal cannabis stories, and “Cannabis 411,” a cover-all show about the weed-friendly lifestyle.

Even with Snoop cooking dinner with Martha Stewart on VH1, Mary and Jane slanging bud on MTV, and Viceland incorporating the plant into a considerable amount of their programing, the minds behind 420TV still think there is plenty more room for marijuana media.

“The difference is that this will be comprehensive, professionally produced premium content, presenting all different viewpoints,” OwnZones Media founder Dan Goman said. “It’s not going to be some guy in his mom’s basement smoking a joint talking about how great the weed is. It’s a broad-based, mainstream approach to subject matter that until recently was taboo.”

Only time will tell if 420TV’s programming will actually be that different from what’s already on the market, but the added competition in weed-themed programming is yet another example of how normalized cannabis has become.

420TV is scheduled to launch sometime before the end of September, with about 10 shows available to stream on and the company’s mobile app.

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