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Everything You Need to Know About Next Generation Gaming Consoles

Are the 2017 systems worth upgrading to?

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The console wars that raged between Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft in past decades have calmed down in recent history. Tablets and mobile devices have become a massive part of modern gaming, and with consumers upgrading those mobile devices every year or two, the stationary PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U consoles have been at a relative standstill. With life spans of five-plus years, developers have been upgrading aspects of them every year or two to stay competitive without truly revolutionizing much of anything.

For some people, there was never any reason to upgrade to those consoles in the first place. Sony’s PlayStation 3 (released in 2006), Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (2005), and the Nintendo Wii (2006) still work perfectly as entertainment centers today. Those seventh-generation consoles aren’t as advanced for gaming and don’t have the same pool of new titles to choose from, but they are now capable of streaming service for apps such as Netflix and Amazon.

Whether you have an old console or one of the more recent ones, it’s time to consider upgrading, as 2017 sees the release of three new consoles to go with your high-tech television. MERRY JANE breaks down the new offerings from the gaming giants to help you decide if you should start saving up or just save yourself the expense.

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