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Relive the Awesome 2016 Stoned Gamer Tournament Grand Finale

“Super High Score” takes you into the heart of the action!

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The 2016 Stoned Gamer Tournament was something to behold. For the uninitiated, Stoned Gamer, created by Zeus Tipado (a.k.a. the Stoned Gamer), is the first and only cannabis eSports league in which gamers get high and play video games for prizes. It’s kind of a big deal.

The game of the 2016 Season was Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and competition was fierce. Through several rounds of play at events in California—where you can do these kinds of things—competitors clashed and showed that cannabis in no way prevents them from locking in and achieving. Check out the video above, which focuses on the grand finale, to relive all the fun as the once-large field of competitors was whittled down to one exuberant champion.

And, while you’re at it, marvel at the fact that, during several of the events, Tipado was in the middle of conducting a brutal mind-body experiment on himself, consuming nothing but Soylent and dabs for a whole month. Given how strange his trip became, it’s frankly a wonder that he was able to function in a room with other human beings, much less run an gaming tournament.

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