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10 Terrible Movie Presidents to Prepare You for Trump

As bad as they are, they still might be preferable to the Donald.

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Life really can be stranger than fiction. A year ago, most of us were reasonably sure that Donald Trump wouldn’t get elected president. Then, on Nov. 9, we woke up to a world in which it was confirmed that the host of The Apprentice was next in line to head the most powerful nation on the planet. Sounds like a Black Mirror script, right? (Unfortunately, it was not.)

There have been hundreds of iterations of the POTUS in films, and while some of them are idealized versions of the commander-in-chief, with great men and women leading by example and promoting wonderful ideas, some are quite the opposite. However, to our knowledge, even the worst of these characters never uttered the words, “Listen, you motherfuckers, we’re gonna tax you 25 percent.”

While you brace for four (?) years of an unpredictable, scary, and potentially devastating Trump presidency, prepare yourself by looking at some of the most terrible and bizarre presidents we’ve seen in films over the years. Be warned, as bad as they are, some of them might still seem preferable to what Donald J. Trump potentially has in store for us following his inauguration.

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