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Fred Gall Stars in Jenkem’s “The Mushroom Diaries”

Booze, shrooms, weed and skateboarding.

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The 2016 CPH Open,  “Skateboarding’s SXSW”, took place earlier this month in Copenhagen to much fanfare and excitement. Denmark, known as a global skate destination (in the warmer months at least) thanks to their culturally tolerant and utilitarian architecture philosophy, the government even allowed for portions of the event to take place inside City Hall itself.

Compare that to the city of Philadelphia's decision to entirely remodel Love Park (despite having banked off allowing the 2002 X-Games to be held in that exact location)  an East Coast mecca of skateboarding into something completely un-skateable, and you start to see the stark contrast in the attitudes towards skateboarding in the United States.

Jenkem took a more comedic route than covering the glitzy and rosy aspects of Copenhagen’s contest, and instead spent 24 hours before the contest even started with the seemingly indestructible “Mayor Of Jersey”, Fred Gall.

In what seems like a very long day, Jenkem correspondent Raspa followed Fred around for a day of drinking beers, smoking weed, eating mushrooms and of course skateboarding. It gives us all a good glimpse of the some of antics that go down at a major skateboarding event in a liberal city, as well as phenomenal skating under the influence of psychedelics and more by Fred himself, Dan Plunkett, Marius Syvanen and Evan Smith among others.  

Enjoy the documented madness, and remember kids, don’t try this at home. As they say in Denmark, skål!



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